Search – This function will allow you to search for any traffic fine or property tax parcel that you wish to make an electronic payment on. You will be asked to provide one of the following:

Traffic citation number
Property parcel number
Property tax bill number and tax year
Property owner name
Property address

Once this information has been entered you will be redirected to enter payment information on the 3rd party payment vendor’s website.

Enter Payment Information – Once either Pay Traffic Fines or Pay Property Taxes has been selected and the search completed, this function will ask you to provide personal information including: your name, address, phone number, the credit, debit or e-check information. You will also be asked to provide the amount you wish to pay on this transaction.

Verify Payment Information – Once payment information has been entered, this function will ask you to verify the information you have provided. You will be shown the total amount to be charged and asked if you wish to submit a payment request at this time. If you choose not to submit a payment request you can return to the home page.

Submit Payment Request – Once payment information has been verified and you have submitted a payment request, this function will send the data you have provided to the payment processor and the payment authorization process will take place. If your payment is authorized, you will be then be provided receipt information. If your payment authorization process fails for any reason, a message will be displayed indicating the reason for the rejection.

Receipt Information – Once your payment has been accepted, this function may give you a payment confirmation number and you will be provided a printable screen that contains this confirmation number, if provided, and a payment summary. At this point you have completed your payment and can either exit the application or return to the home page to make another payment.