Welcome to the City of Memphis ePayments Site.

Here you will have the convenience of paying your traffic citation fines or your property taxes electronically. For traffic citation fines, you may use a credit card. For property taxes, you may use a credit card or electronic check. You will also be able to view a history of the taxes assessed and paid on a piece of property. A small convenience fee will be assessed for each transaction. After the completion of all data required to make a payment, the convenience fee will be calculated and you will be presented the total amount of your payment and given the option of paying at that time or returning to the search screen. The site is secured by VeriSign, insuring the integrity and protection of any data transmitted to this site. Please take a minute to look at the features and functions of this site, then take advantage of the convenience offered by paying your traffic citation fines and/or you property taxes from the privacy of your own home.

Pay your traffic fines.
Select this option to pay any outstanding traffic summons or citation tickets. All you need to use this process is the citation number of the ticket issued to you, your drivers license number or last name and date of birth along with a valid credit card. It is possible that some payments may be rejected by the site if your citation requires a mandatory court appearance or if you are within 4 days of your scheduled court appearance. In these cases you must go to court.

Lookup or Pay Your Property Taxes.
Select this option to pay any outstanding property taxes. To use this option you will need to enter either your tax bill number and year, your tax parcel number, the property owner’s name, or the address of the property in question. Upon entering this information you will be provided a summary of all taxes owed and a payment history on the parcel requested. To pay your taxes you will need either a valid credit card or electronic checking account. Payments made will be applied starting with the oldest year due, not in bankruptcy. Payments made before 7pm will be reflected on this site after 2 business days and payments made after 7pm will be reflected after 3 business days.